Tango regularly works with brokers and consultants to provide full-service Affordable Care Act (ACA) ACA compliance solutions for enterprise clients. Don’t rely on payroll providers or benefits administration software to solve the complex challenges of ACA – make sure that your clients have all of the resources they need to continue to count on you as their trusted advisor.

From integrating with all the benefits administration, HRIS and payroll applications to solving complex issues like tracking union benefits and managing multiple EINs, Tango provides the knowledge and service to help your clients manage the challenges of tracking eligibility, assessing affordability, and IRS reporting.

We value our broker and consultant partnerships, and our goal is to build long-lasting relationships through consistent delivery of high-caliber Tango service. By holding our technology and service to a higher standard we have maintained nearly 100% client retention – which is good for Tango, good for our happy clients, and good for the consultants and brokers who represent them.