Part of the challenge of ACA compliance is keeping track of employee and plan data throughout the year – and responding as quickly as possible to changes and notices. Tango’s comprehensive and intuitive dashboard can help by allowing you to track compliance data throughout the year and ensure the most accurate data set possible. The dashboard automatically alerts you as potential issues arise – such as when employees become eligible, when their benefits should be terminated, or when data quality issues appear. In addition, it will provide validation of incoming IRS penalty notices and coordinate response generation.

If you do get audited, Tango’s dashboard provides a complete audit trail, including:

  • Accessibility of benefits for each month the employee was eligible
  • Eligibility status, affordability status and marketplace subsidy appeal alerts
  • Dates of offered, waived or terminated coverage
  • Monthly and yearly data tracking that can be exported to Excel

Your ACA Concierge will help you understand all of the alerts and can assist with audit responses utilizing this information.