At Tango, our focus is on Healthcare Benefits OptimizationSM. Our innovative services and technology provide enterprises with a unique opportunity to optimize healthcare benefits across the employee base. We create tangible savings by helping employees make effective decisions regarding the benefits available. Tango’s on-line comparisons, educational information, and training enable employees to make smart plan choices – a strategic imperative as employers face the looming “Cadillac tax” and its implications. Tango keeps employees engaged with live customer service experts, ongoing education, and a patented mobile platform, providing the knowledge and the ability to make smart decisions, year-round. Tango’s Benefits Optimization Suite boosts employee confidence for smart healthcare choices, and measurably adjusts the cost curve to keep benefits sustainable. Informed and enabled employees will engage in cost-effective behavior – that’s the promise of Healthcare Benefits Optimization.

Tango is a 100% healthcare focused technology and services company with thousands of proven satisfied client companies across all industries. It also partners with leading custodial banks, insurance brokers, consultants and insurance carriers.

  • Managing healthcare complexity and change
  • Best in class employee and employer experience
  • Seamless hassle-free administration
  • 98% customer service satisfaction
  • Industry leading voluntary adoption rates of more cost effective healthcare options
  • In 2013 Tango experienced 250% growth, with 100% customer retention