Choosing the right benefits plan can be complicated and confusing. Education is the key to selecting the best plan, and remaining engaged and satisfied. Tango offers a range of education materials and styles to help employees truly understand how each plan works and how to get the most from the one they choose. With online tools, videos, webinars, and other resources, employees get the right information at the right time to help them understand the benefits available. Plus, Tango’s educational materials are web-based and easily accessible for employees and their spouses on a range of devices, so that they can discuss the options at home and choose the right plan.

Communication plans and educational materials can also be customized to fit the needs of varying employee populations – from boomers to millennials, blue collar to white collar, home office to field personnel. Tango works with each organization to customize the educational messages and determine the method of delivery to most effectively reach each employee.

Tango helps to ease the burden of management and administration on HR teams by providing education sessions for Open Enrollment, software tools to manage account administration, and a team of customer services experts, available by phone or email, to help employees with questions. The goal is to offer clear, easy-to-understand information and tools so that employees actively engage in the enrollment process and choose the plan that best suits their needs.