Forms and Reporting

There’s far more to ACA compliance than simply dropping data into a form. Tango can help, with solutions and services for preparing 1094-C and 1095-C documentation from start to finish.

  • The Tango ACA Compliance Solution helps employers gather the data they need from disparate HRIS, benefits administration and payroll platforms so they can accurately assess employee eligibility for health benefits, and prove that the benefits offered were affordable.

The software then validates the data for reporting, translates it into appropriate codes and automatically populates the required forms. A step-by-step process ensures that data is reviewed when files are created, when forms are generated for client review, and when files are processed for printing and delivery. Each client is provided with a self-service dashboard that provides a view of the information on the forms and allows for easy corrections and reprints.

Should your organization ever be audited or fined, Tango’s diligence in tracking this data provides a complete audit trail to demonstrate compliance.

  • The Tango ACA Fulfillment Service goes a step further, offering turnkey generation and distribution of 1095-C forms to employees, assistance in re-issuing and correcting of 1095-C forms, transmittal of 1094-C forms to the IRS. The service monitors any and all changes to the IRS requirements, adjusting the fulfillment process as necessary. It also provides an Employee Help Center to relieve HR teams of the burden of answering hundreds of calls as employees receive the forms for the first time and have questions.