How Does it Work?


Tango Health is an HSA service organization coupled with a patented web-based tool.

We offer a turn-key HSA administration solution to employers and employees including a selection of top financial institutions as HSA custodians.

We help employees better understand HSAs so they can be confident and satisfied, while maximizing their tax savings. Tango Health helps employees:

  • Establish their HSA with a financial institution
  • Review and annotate transactions made on their HSA
  • Easily identify and track HSA-qualifying transactions from an automatic feed from most major credit cards
  • Manually enter cash or other transactions
  • Store and archive receipts
  • Set annual HSA Contribution targets
  • Change payroll deduction amounts based on their individual goals, historical medical spending, or actual eligible but un-reimbursed expenses
  • Reimburse directly and easily to a personal account

We help employers increase employee satisfaction with High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) and decrease manual and time-intensive tasks:

  • Upload initial employee census and ongoing enrollments
  • Electronically confirm payroll deduction change requests
  • Calculate employer and employee contributions, submit payroll runs and have Tango Health handle all funds transfers