Tango Complimentary HSA Compliance Audit


Most organizations do not have the proper controls or a complete understanding of how Health Savings Account (HSA) compliance relates to Sarbanes-Oxley. The Tango Health Complimentary HSA Compliance Audit helps your organization prevent and detect common compliance pitfalls to avoid penalties and complicated tax problems. Tango is offering a Complimentary HSA Compliance Audit in conjunction with the release of our White Paper: Addressing HSA Compliance and Administrative Issues.

“You can catch compliance problems if you do a pre-implementation audit and validate that the plans are being setup and administered the way the employer intends.” – Sander Domaszewicz, Principal at Mercer


3 Steps to Complete Your HSA Compliance Audit

  1. Contact Tango: Click “Get Started Now” or e-mail our Compliance Audit Team (audit@tangohealth.com) for complete instructions about the information and format we’ll need to process the audit.
  2. Submit Data: Only basic information is required and it will be exchanged over secure servers. No social security numbers should be provided.
  3. Receive Results: In about 3 business daysTango will provide a completed HSA compliance audit and report back with potential areas of concern. Click here to view a sample report.

You will receive a report that shows your organization’s compliance level in the 10 most common areas of concern, including contributions to ineligible employees, over-contributions, and procedures non-compliant with federal law.

“After hearing about other companies that have had issues with HSA compliance and the resulting issues it caused, you can’t overstate the peace of mind provided to us through the Compliance Audit by Tango. It reinforced our confidence that we are in compliance with IRS HSA guidelines.” – CFO of high-growth technology company

The ability of Tango to provide the controls listed is entirely dependent on the provision of accurate information by employer users and individual users of the Tango services. All rights and obligations by and between Tango Health, Inc. and any user of the Tango solution are controlled by Tango’s end-user license agreement. Tango will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of tax or compliance issues experienced by any user of the Tango solution, unless otherwise stated in the applicable end-user license agreement between Tango and a user of Tango’s services.