Tango Health For Carriers


At Tango Health, we enable you to win and retain more employer clients and members by offering an innovative HSA solution that leverages the value of your claims data and provides a hard-dollar ROI.

We are the only HSA solution provider that meets the needs of your employer client’s entire HSA-eligible population. Our software and services help them get the maximum usage and tax benefits from HSAs for themselves and their employees by providing unprecedented visibility and control over HSA management.

Your employer clients will also benefit from substantially higher HSA tax savings than those with other HSA solutions because our HSA open rate is nearly 100% (compared to 55% industry average). Higher account open rates and payroll contributions create a substantial hard-dollar return to your clients, who save 7.65 cents on each dollar contributed to HSAs through payroll due to the elimination of FICA taxes on these amounts.

The Tango Health Advantage:

Increase CDHP Renewal & Win Rate — Tango Health is proven to help carriers retain and win more commercial clients by differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

Leverage Value of Existing Information Assets — Tango Health enables you to enhance CDHP value and retention rate through claims data integration with the member’s HSA, and turn the HSA into a profit center for your employer clients.

Maintain Your Member Experience with White-label Offering — Tango Health is customizable to your brand and user interface (Single Sign-On).

Low-impact/High-value Implementation — Employers currently offering HSAs through HSA Bank, UMB, ACS|BNY Mellon or OptumHealth Bank℠, Member FDIC can upgrade to Tango with no change of account numbers or action on employees’ part – delivering significant value with a smooth and fast implementation and little to no employee disruption. We also offer the capability to integrate with other credit unions or bank of your choice. >Click here to read more about our custodian partners

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