Tango Health For Employees


Tango Health makes it easy to get your full HSA tax-break — whether or not you choose to pre-fund your account for medical expenses!

Health Spending Journal

Review and add notes and tags to your health expenses, whether made on your HSA account or with another method of payment.

Flex Reserve®

We help calculate your Flex Reserve — the amount of money you can reimburse yourself from your HSA any time, tax-free, for any reason — even if you haven’t contributed a single dollar to your HSA. Here’s how it works:

  1. Record expenses made with your personal credit card or cash (not through your HSA account) manually or by automatic credit card statement import — all the way back to your account establishment date.
  2. Tango Health calculates your Flex Reserve and helps you make an HSA contribution via payroll deduction to save withholding taxes. And the payroll deduction change requests to your employer are submitted online, free of paperwork.
  3. Pay yourself back any time for your Flex Reserve amount from your HSA — on-demand or with automatic sweep — and keep the tax break!

HSA Vault — Let Us Save Your Receipts

Safely archive your HSA receipts in our HSA Vault! Upload or email receipt images from your camera or mobile phone anytime. Review them online and download at any time for a complete expense history!

Use Your HSA The Way You Want

Everyone’s different in how they like to plan, leverage, and use their Health Savings Account. Tango Health makes it easy for everyone, whether you want to contribute nothing and reimburse later, maximize your potential retirement savings, or accurately plan ahead for the year and adjust as you go.