ACA Compliance Solutions | Tango Health

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations and requirements for compliance are complicated and continuing to evolve. While HR teams are struggling to manage day-to-day issues and don’t have the time or expertise to handle ACA reporting requirements, CFOs and compliance departments may not know how much ACA compliance exposure the organization is facing. Tango’s ACA Compliance Concierge Suite combines powerful technology with first-class service to simplify ACA compliance tracking and provide answers for your ACA questions.

Comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboards allow Compliance teams to monitor:

  • Accessibility of benefits for eligible employees
  • Monthly tracking for offering or terminating benefits coverage
  • Forecasting for resource trends and needs
  • Calculated affordability for benefits-eligible employees

Tango also provides compliance expertise to proactively notify you about possible issues or to answer questions on specific compliance situations. ACA compliance is complex and relies on gathering the right data. Regardless of your organization’s complexity, Tango tailors solutions to meet the ACA regulations of your specific workforce.


Tango’s approach allows for modeling and decision support to test alternatives for eligibility thresholds, as well as variable hour employee tracking and management. Our data anomaly analysis helps to ensure the clean, monitored data that leads to compliance with ACA requirements. Tango also offers health benefits budgets and targets down to the department level.


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