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With 6055 and 6056 ACA reporting required for the first time in 2015, employers are struggling to compile the data required for accurate completion of 1095-C forms for employees and to file 1094-C Forms with the IRS. Gathering the data from payroll software, HRIS systems, and Benefits Administration software is proving to be a challenge, and in many cases, the data needed for compliance was never captured prior to the ACA reporting period. For organizations with multiple EINs or with large, complicated employee bases, ACA reporting is complex and tricky.

While it might be tempting to choose a “reporting-only” solution, there’s no guarantee that your enterprise’s data is accurate enough for IRS compliance. With your organization’s reputation on the line, why settle for less than an accurate, detailed compliance picture? Whether your data is “reporting-ready” or not, choose a vendor that knows what it takes and is already helping enterprise clients achieve accurate ACA compliance reporting. Don’t risk penalties.

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