Client Support Services

Employee Support Solutions

ACA compliance isn’t just new to organizations – it’s new to employees as well. And when employees receive their first 1095-C form, they’re bound to have questions and concerns. Tango can help, with a range of services to support employees from the moment they first see the form until it’s safely and correctly submitted to the IRS.

Electronic Data Download and Transmission. As part of our ACA Concierge Service, Tango will provide electronic download of data for 1095-C statements. We have also been certified to transmit to the IRS, which means we can offer electronic delivery or paper transmission of the form, online access for client administrators or employees to access tax forms, and an allotment of reissue and correction 1095-Cs.

Employee Help Center Service. We can also provide a call center to answer employee questions, whether they’re uncertain what the form is for, think their form needs correction, or even if they’ve lost it or thrown it away. Tango can also provide train-the-trainer documentation and education for an employer’s preferred call center, as well as train-the-user documentation and webinar or onsite education for employees.


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