Helping employees understand the differences between the health benefits plans your organization offers can be a challenge. Decision support tools like Tango’s Plan Optimizer offer employees an online way to experiment with different scenarios to determine which plan offers the best solution for their needs.

The Tango Plan Optimizer is web-based, so employees can log in from home and discuss their options with a spouse, or use a mobile device. With easy-to-understand calculations, the Plan Optimizer shows the employee the financial impact of each plan over the course of the benefit year. Employees can anonymously try out the different options, without the need to share sensitive information with HR personnel.

Tango customizes the Plan Optimizer with benefits information specific to each company, or even for divisions within the company, so employees can make accurate side-by-side comparisons. The tool can be branded to match other company materials, and since employees can test different solutions, the Plan Optimizer results in fewer calls and questions for HR.

In addition to the Plan Optimizer online tool, Tango offers a wide range of education and communication options to help inform employees about the available benefits plans. See the Education section for more information.


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