Partners, Benefits Consultants & Brokers

We partner with benefits consultants, brokers, and other partner organizations to help employers manage the complexities of the ACA and help employees choose and use the best benefits for their needs. Whether it is working with your client or integrating with your system, we can help.

Benefits Consultants & Brokers

You are the expert with your clients and we respect your client relationship. Tango Health is here to make you look good, support your success, and help your clients achieve their goals. You can choose to be included throughout the process or take the lead. Either way, we will keep you in the loop starting in the sales process, throughout implementation, and ongoing in account management.


Partnerships with Tango Health can come in many different forms—white label software, reseller agreement, PEOs, Third Party Administrators, API integration, or co-marketing relationships. We have integrated with dozens of benefit admin systems and payroll software. 

Meet some of our partners

Proven HR software and services leader

Our solutions are proven to help employers and employees understand and navigate the complexities of compliance and benefits. Tango believes in the power of data and its ability to give you and your clients a higher standard of accuracy. 

Tango Health is a full-service ACA compliance vendor that offers a complete solution for large and/or complex employee populations. We achieve a higher standard of accuracy by combining our ACA software and expert services to turn payroll and benefits information into ACA-ready data. 

Here are a few reasons why our solution is the best in class:

  • Designated Client Manager guides the client through ACA compliance with the latest news on regulatory changes and ongoing report review sessions.

  • Expedited IRS penalty response management included at no extra cost.

  • Comprehensive reporting and easy-to-use dashboard help your clients keep track of ACA.

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Tango Decision Assist™ guides employees through their benefits decisions using data-driven software. Our solution helps with a variety of benefits decisions, such as medical plan, dental, vision, HSA/FSA, and voluntary benefits. 

Below is why our benefits decision support platform is preferred:

  • Personalized tool powered by claims data

  • Quick recommendation in 3-5 minutes

  • Easy to use and run specific medical spending scenarios (ex. change coverage to add a surgery, prescription or pregnancy)

  • Engaging education throughout the tool for those who need it

  • Simple implementation and flexibility to customize

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Reasons to choose Tango Health

  • Supportive and responsive: We can deliver presentations, demos and hold question and answer sessions for your clients, or we can provide training and scripted presentations to your team. Our experts respond quickly and are available for questions, strategy sessions, or presentation help.
  • We do the heavy lifting: From project planning and implementation to communication and analytics, we can handle it all with minimal effort from you or your clients. Our implementation process is especially streamlined making it easy to switch from other solutions as well.
  • Low risk, proven solution: Our proven track record can put you at ease. We have very high satisfaction rates, strong security standards, and deliver on our promises.

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