Artificial Intelligence Solutions for HR

AI intelligence

Tango Health creates solutions powered by data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to provide actionable insights for both HR teams and employees. The goal is to streamline the work HR does, not replace the importance of HR.

What is AI?

AI is the ability of a computer program (or machine) to mimic human behavior like thinking and learning. The following is an overview of how our solutions are built on AI.

Compliance & reporting AI intelligence

ACA Compliance & Reporting

One of the top reasons to consider a switch to Tango is ACA penalties are very real. Ensure your vendor is delivering accurate ACA filings and representing your compliance efforts to the IRS. Our ACA compliance software saves HR teams time by automating processes and identifying potential risks early. AI combined with the expertise of our Client Managers helps you achieve a higher standard of accuracy.

Our ACA Compliance solution includes:

  • Data scans and alerts: Our adaptive technology completes scans and continually compares the data as it’s loaded, analyzes new data with older data, and delivers actionable insights. Client Managers are proactively alerted to trends of anything that may impact the integrity of your upcoming or previous filings.

  • MEC monitoring: Our system monitors updates as reports are generated on an employee and EIN level. It then provides alerts when changes are detected, especially if an EIN falls below the threshold of 95% MEC offers.

  • 1095-C review: We automate the review of 1095-C code combinations by generating a monthly heat map of code combinations that point out inconsistent trends. This can identify code combinations that don’t match your business, such as missing minimum plan costs, lack of safe harbors, or lack of offers to full time employees. This information is vital as your Client Manager keeps you on track for accurate forms printing each year.

  • Streamlined IRS submission: Tango’s software knows when it’s ready for forms to print, whether originals or corrections. It also handles the transmittal to our print vendor. When it’s IRS submission time, our system sends data to the IRS on your behalf and provides any actionable errors based on IRS feedback. Your Client Manager will guide you on the right next steps in clearing any errors.

We make it easy to switch to Tango Health. There is no new implementation and our team provides full-service support.

benefits decision support AI intelligence

Benefits Decision Support

Tango’s Decision Assist software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics to provide an even more customized and nurtured experience for your employees. Our machine learning leverages individuals’ claims data, their demographic data, our database of national claims, and real-time analysis of user interactions. This information provides a personalized recommendation to help your employees understand their benefits and guide them to make the best benefits decision.

Here’s how it works:

Employees receive personalized guidance as they select their benefits, leveraging information known about them and their family, their age, and their medical history. This information helps quickly recommend the benefits package that provides maximum value and effect.

Tango PreCheck™ helps guide employees and HR decisions with machine learning.

  • Ongoing analysis: The software performs ongoing analysis of employees’ claims data from the previous 12-months to continuously update the best recommended plan for them. Employees can see this recommendation when they start using the tool and accept the recommendation or edit estimated expenses. The recommendation continues to evolve as there are changes to employees’ claims throughout the year.

  • Predictive modeling: HR teams view a forward-looking landscape to validate which plans employees should select based on the claims data. This predictive modeling also helps HR identify if they need to tweak the plan design to achieve the desired results.

benefits communication AI intelligence

Benefits Communications

The goal using AI in benefit communications is to provide more targeted content to better inform employees. Instead of sending all employees the same communication, our benefits communication platform learns from employee behavior and targets communications that are more relevant to their needs through content, emails, or web portals. For example, if they have never enrolled in an HDHP, then providing education around the benefits and sending them to the decision support tool. Or if they only use name-brand prescriptions, highlighting the benefits of generics and buying in 90-day quantities.

The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) within HR continues to grow and has started to expand within the benefits space. Want to learn more about the AI trend in HR? Read Our Blog.