By - February 2, 2018

10 Reasons Benefits Coaches are Better Than Call Centers

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When it comes to guiding employees through the process of benefits enrollment, what’s the best-case scenario? Most employees want a benefits expert they can call on—someone knowledgeable about plan options who hears their unique concerns and answers their questions. Employees need someone who is able to take time to explain the available choices and how they might fit employees’ real-life scenarios.

That’s why Tango Health uses Benefits Coaches instead of Benefits Call Centers. Tango Health has helped  companies set up expert Coaches and we’ve pulled together 10 reasons that we feel Coaches are a more efficient and effective way to guide employees to the right benefits plan.

You’ll find five of them as a teaser below—to get the full story, check out our infographic 10 Reasons Benefits Coaches are Better than Call Centers.

Our Coaches Are:

Experienced: Coaches have been with Tango for an average of 3 years, and every day they help employees make complicated decisions about how to choose and use their benefits.

Educated: With college degrees, our Coaches are able to think critically and ask the right questions.

Knowledgeable: Being immersed in your company’s culture and benefits helps Coaches tailor their discussions with your employees instead of following a script. They can also answer the tough questions.

Committed: As an extension of your Benefits team, Coaches provide guidance the way you would and are measured on satisfaction, not call volume.

One-on-One Guides: Whether employees have quick questions or want more of a discussion about how their benefits work, our Coaches provide them with personalized guidance.

Like what you’ve read so far? Get even more insights when you download the full infographic: 10 Reasons Coaches are Better Than Call Centers. You can find even more Benefit Communication tips from our Resource Center.


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