By - January 25, 2019

Announcing Tango Health Leadership Updates

We’re pleased to announce that our CEO, Todd Praisner will now serve as the Executive Chairman of the Board while our President, Scott Van Horn transitions to his new role as CEO of Tango Health. Todd and Scott have worked closely together at Tango for nearly nine  years and will continue to do so—just with new titles.

Photo of Todd Praisner

Todd is a co-founder of Tango Health and is excited to continue supporting the strategic direction and vision for the company. His leadership contributed to the launch and successful sale of Tango’s HSA business, and the development and roll-out of Tango’s ACA Compliance & Reporting solution.

Scott is an accomplished leader and has steadily taken on more responsibility at Tango Health over the years. He managed the entire client experience as President, including Client Services, Technology Development and Technical Operations. Most recently, he led efforts to enhance our popular Tango Decision Assist™ technology, a software and service that helps employees make better benefit choices. Scott is looking forward to the challenge but also grateful that Todd will still be at his side. “I really appreciate Todd’s mentorship throughout the years and thankful he will still be someone I can partner with to execute Tango Health’s strategy and growth plans.”

Scott Van Horn Photo

Tango Health will continue to focus on helping employers and employees understand and navigate the complexities of ACA compliance and benefits with our software and services. Since 2008, Tango has been trusted by over 350 brands including Fortune 500 companies, large public organizations and medium-sized corporations.

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