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Benefits Topics that Help Employees Catch Up and Move Forward

Catch Up and Move Forward

Even if you have a “return to work” plan underway or baked and ready to go, there are important benefits topics that your employees want to hear about to guide their return to healthy routines and help combat costly medical trend due to delays in seeking care.

While every employer will have differing needs, an easy way to structure and capture your benefits topics is to split them up into two categories: things that people need to catch up on, and things that will help them moving forward.

Catch Up TopicsMove Forward Topics
Missed preventive careCOVID-19 vaccine
Restarting chronic care managementMental wellbeing
Opening HSAsWellness programs for hybrid workforce
Restarting 401k contributionsUpcoming medical plan changes

Benefits topics to catch up on

Your employees are likely thinking through the personal things they’d like to catch up on—such as a missed vacation—and in benefits there is a lot that got delayed. Missed preventive care and getting people back on their chronic management programs come to mind.

Catch up benefits topic example– preventive care

Many employees have delayed care during the pandemic. Did you know that 30% of parents reported that they delayed or went without preventive care for their children last year? In most cases, parents are more concerned for their child’s wellbeing than their own…so employee delays in preventive care are likely much higher.

Preventive care can detect illnesses early, so skipping this care increases the chance of getting sick. Educate your employees about the importance of preventive medicine and provide a checklist and reminders to guide employees to schedule their appointments.

Tango is currently working with some of our clients to address this head-on. We detect through claims data the lack of recommended screenings and appointments or ask the employee through a user interface to indicate what screenings they missed. Then, they receive a customized guide detailing the covered benefits, as well as telehealth or safe alternatives to the screening, to proactively help them catch up and move forward.

Benefits topics to help employees move forward

Then, there are programs that are new or critical to moving forward. Top of the news right now is the COVID-19 vaccine…but mental wellness to help employees move forward as the world comes out of lockdown is also important. What about your wellness program? It probably was easy when everyone was either in the office or always at home. How do you plan wellness events when you’re unsure exactly where an employee is going to be on a given day? You may not have an answer to that yet but your employees are going to want to know.

Move forward benefits topic example– vaccines

As each day goes by, more and more colleagues, employees, and friends are either getting their first shot, their second shot or announcing they had received it already. While most of the attention has been on the phased rollout and the dreaded second shot…employees may still want to know what their employer is doing to support herd immunity. Every employer is different…some have good reason to recommend it while others are silent. At a minimum, reinforcing CDC guidelines and providing a clear way to provide proven information is helpful.

Not all, but some employers are providing incentives, encouragement, or mandates on the vaccine: some offer wellness credits, cash incentives, or even requirements based on the industry.

It may make you feel uncomfortable to talk about the vaccine especially if you’re not providing incentives or requirements…but it’s top of mind for your employees. They want to know what you think, even if it’s passive acknowledgement or notifying them about allowable time off for receiving the vaccine. They may also want to know if the vaccine will be a prerequisite in order to return to the office.

Tackle issues head on

As HR professionals, we’re all committed to changing to meet our employee’s needs. Addressing big benefits topics head-on will meet employees where they are as we start “catching up” and “moving ahead.” If you need help engaging employees with the right benefits or targeted communications, Tango Health can help. Learn more about our Benefits Engagement platform or Contact Us.

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