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Communicating Benefits to Millennials: Are You Connecting?

Communicating Benefits to Millennials- Are You Connecting?

They’re always on their phones. The want the facts—from trustworthy sources. And they value experiences over things. You probably don’t need three guesses to realize we’re talking about Millennials—people born between 1982 and 2003. As Millennials age into the workforce, HR teams and benefits teams must figure out what they value and how to best communicate with them. Luckily, Millennials value benefits, with 81% saying they would be happier employees if their benefits packages were improved.But you still need to develop of strategy for communicating benefits to Millennials.

We’ve got a lot of experience communicating benefits, and our flexible and intuitive Tango Decision AssistTM software supports the type of communication that Millennials prefer. Below, you’ll find three of our tips for making an effective connection—to get the full story, download, Communicating Benefits to Millennials: Six Things to Know.

  1. Start with the facts. When it comes to decision-making, Millennials want the facts from a trustworthy source. Don’t just tell them to choose a certain benefit, give them the why.
  2. Make it quick and flexible. Millennials are on the move, spending 85% of their time on mobile devices like laptops and tablets. If a website or product is difficult to use or takes too much time, they often abandon the experience altogether.2 This is especially important for decision support software. Find software that is flexible—allowing employees to skip around, quickly change their medical spending/coverage assumptions, without having to sit through videos or long introductions. Millennials want to see the information they want to see, not be forced down just one path.
  3. Be tech nimble. Millennials expect to easily switch between devices and access information wherever they are. Having a decision support tool that works on desktop, mobile and tablets is key. While the vast majority of Americans access the Internet from a desktop or laptop computer at home or work, 85% of Millennials access the Internet from their phones ― more than all other generations. 3

Like what you’ve read so far? Get even more insights when you download the full piece Communicating Benefits to Millennials: Six Things to Know. You can find even more Benefit Communication tips from our Resource Center


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