By - December 5, 2017

Is Your Decision Support Software Measuring Up?

Measuring Engagement: The Hidden Benefit of Data-Driven Decision Support

There’s no question that heath plans are an important asset for driving employee satisfaction, and you and your benefits consultants do your best to create well-designed plans that maximize that satisfaction while managing to budget. But much of that employee satisfaction is ultimately dependant on employees selecting the best plan for their need.

For example, you and your benefits consultant may build plans with the expectation that you’re creating a Plan A to suit 60% of employees and a Plan B to suit the remaining 40%. However, when open enrollment is over, you have no idea whether people ended up in the plans that will actually best meet their needs. And choosing incorrectly could mean a difference of thousands of dollars—and lower satisfaction—for any given employee. So how can you help them choose wisely?

A robust decision support solution gives your employees the data and guidance they need to confidently select the health plan that’s going to be the best fit for them. And it not only benefits employees—it also provides valuable metrics to help employers and benefits consultants understand the success of their plans, including:

  • Highlighting trends and insights that might not be apparent in numbers alone.
  • Supporting fact-based decisions around future plan offerings and deeper questions to explore.
  • Exploring future plan design tweaks and communications needs.
  • Tracking progress and changes in both costs and overall employee satisfaction.

And those aren’t the only benefits. A successful decision support tool should also measure success metrics of the tool itself, including:

  • How engaged were employees with decision-support software?
  • How frequently did employees accept the recommendation?
  • What does it take to get an employee to switch?

Want to know more? Check out our whitepaper The Hidden Benefits of Data-Driven Decision Support. Or talk to our team at Tango Health to answer your specific questions or request a demo.

If you don’t get the metrics you’re looking for from your decision support tool this open enrollment, please take a look the Tango Decision AssistTM solution or request a demo.

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