By - September 28, 2020

How to Gauge Open Enrollment Success

Gauge Open Enrollment Success with Survey Hacks

Are you measuring your open enrollment success?

Getting your employees engaged with their benefits is the ultimate milestone.

If you’re like most companies, improving your open enrollment performance doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of careful preparation, clear communication, and most of all, hard work.

If you want to improve employee engagement, the season after open enrollment is a golden opportunity to refine your strategy. And it all starts with analyzing your open enrollment success.

In this article, we share a few ways to gauge your success and identify areas of growth for your next benefits campaign.

Let’s dive in…

Looking back at your first virtual open enrollment

Odds are this is the first year you organized a virtual open enrollment, and you will want to see how the new engagement tactics performed. Look at the different strategies you used, virtual benefits fair, 1:1 video meetings, chat bots, webinars, outside vendors, etc. Did your employees engage? How did your employees react to the new communication strategies? Was the technology effective? What went well? What could be improved upon? What do you want to add or remove for next year?

Pull analytics that reveal open enrollment performance

When it comes to revealing your open enrollment performance, don’t forget to dig into your analytics.

Pull metrics from your decision support software, benefits intranet, or any telecommunications solutions you employ.

For instance, check your call metrics for how many employees resolved their questions with the first benefits counselor they contacted (this is known as your first call resolution rate).

Or access your decision support data and see if the adoption rate increased for your health plan. (Also look at your results compared to your projected estimates.) Check your participation rate, how many employees switched plans vs. stayed in the same plan, etc.

Collect feedback from the team

One of the simplest ways to gauge your open enrollment performance is to ask for feedback from those closest to it…anyone involved in the planning or enrollment process.

While you may not find statistics for everything, everyday experiences count. Think of this feedback as mini case studies on the success of the open enrollment campaign.

Ask questions like…

  • Did you notice employees referencing our benefits communications content (e.g., email, webinar, etc.)?
  • How happy did employees seem? Did you notice frustration or disappointment?
  • How well did employees seem to understand the health plans offered this year?
  • How was the turnout for the enrollment meetings?
  • What things worked well? Where can we improve? Where did there seem to be a disconnect?
  • Did employees ask the same or similar questions?
  • Did you meet your departmental goals?

Send out an employee survey

Looking to strike a balance between pulling the hard numbers and gathering personalized, information-rich feedback?

A survey can remove the subjectivity you will encounter when interviewing your benefits team…while giving context to your raw data. Most importantly, you will be measuring your open enrollment performance with your most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI)—your employees.

Want to send out a survey, but not sure where to start?

We created a resource to jump start your employee survey. Download: Survey Hacks to Determine If Your Open Enrollment Was a Success.

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