By - March 12, 2018

Getting Employees to Open and Use an HSA After Open Enrollment

Getting Employees to Open HSAs

It’s a challenge that’s common for benefits teams.

Even when your employees make informed benefits decisions, sometimes there’s a gap between choosing the right benefits and actually taking advantage of them.

And to bridge that gap, you’ll need effective benefits communications.

If your employees have recently transitioned to high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), your benefits communication strategy should include a top priority—getting your employees to open and contribute to healthcare saving accounts (HSAs).

It’s common for employees to hesitate opening an HSA and making deposits. To help them take the next steps forward, here are a few strategies you can use:

Use Real-Life Scenarios in Your Benefits Communications

In your benefits communications, never forget to couch information in real-life scenarios. While it’s great to explain insurance terms and technicalities, you’ll get a lot further if you use concrete examples.

In other words, don’t simply paraphrase the IRS Publication 502.

Bring your point home, and on that next webinar say something like…

Each year, I buy several boxes of contact lenses. With an HSA, I’d be able to use those funds to pay for my contacts.

Show Your Employees the Tax Savings

When it comes to persuading your employees to open an HSA or make contributions, be sure to underscore an HSA’s triple tax savings.

In addition to providing real life examples, a powerful way to communicate the value of an HSA is to do the math for your employees.

If your organization has the technical capabilities, provide a calculator where employees can enter their salary and HSA contributions and visually see their tax savings. Or if you need something simpler…pass out a worksheet with that gives different scenarios with the tax savings for each.

Give Your Employees a Decision Support Tool  

While providing examples is great…there’s nothing like an interactive way for your employees to explore HSAs.

Giving your employees decision support software can help them quickly calculate how much they need to contribute to their HSA—based on their medical spending history. This is especially helpful if you have employees who’ve opened an HSA…but who haven’t begun contributions.

(Need a personalized decision support solution your employees can easily use to make informed benefits decisions? Check out Tango Decision Assist Software .)

Use a Variety of Benefits Communications Strategies

When it comes to employee benefits communications, there’s no magic bullet for helping your workforce take advantage of their health plans.

That’s why it’s important to use a variety of platforms and content to educate your employees.

Some individuals may enjoy an infographic that quickly explains the facts. Some might prefer an email that summarizes must-know details. And other employees may want content that explains HSAs in depth.

When it comes to employees in the later category, we’ve created a white paper you can share with your employees…helping them understand what an HSA can do for them.

Download Why Opening an HSA Is a Must for Your High-Deductible Health Plan, and share it with your employees!  

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