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How to Keep Up with ACA News

How to Keep Up ACA News

As the CEO of Tango Health, I’m often asked how I keep track of the everchanging landscape of the Affordable Care Act. Most of my methodology is to regularly review a few critical websites and ACA news outlets and keep my ears open. I work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and learn about any new developments. In addition, my team keeps me up to date on news.  We also attend the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC) meetings to push for changes to help our clients navigate the ACA. Mentions of certain outlets or companies does not constitute an endorsement by myself or Tango Health.

General ACA News

There are a lot of news stories on every aspect of ACA, but I find the following outlets to be specific to the employer mandate.

  • Benefitslink publishes a daily aggregation of news stories that include news on ACA, such as when the IRS publishes updated Q&As or tax forms.
  •  The Checkpoint is a paid service from Thompson Reuters and includes a daily email with ACA legislation changes.
  •  Mercer regularly publishes thought leadership around healthcare reform and the brilliant Tracy Watts often provides commentary on what employers should know. You can sign up for daily email updates.

The IRS ACA Updates

The IRS is an important source of ACA news.

  • A myriad of IRS bulletin subscriptions are available and although none are specific to the ACA, there continues to be enough updates that it’s worth the email clutter.
  •  In addition, the IRS always has the latest ACA forms and information on extensions.

News Sites with ACA Categories

I also like to check news sites for the latest on the ACA. Here are just a few examples.

You can set up a feed to see related news for the “Affordable Care Act” keyword. Use Google news alerts or create an RSS feed with Feedly or another RSS service.

State Mandate News

Searching for the latest on state mandates has become a higher priority for me as more states have passed their own laws. Tango’s own complete guide to state healthcare mandates includes links to the States’ own resources.

While California, Vermont and Rhode Island’s mandate is far in the future, I check New Jersey’s employer resources guide closely.

I also use Google to search for “DC individual mandate employer” and use a setting to restrict results to those from the last week (or whenever I last checked).

Our goal at Tango is to keep up with all the state mandate and ACA news so that our clients don’t have to. You can check here for our latest ACA news.

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