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7 Signs You Need to Update Your HR Portal for Benefits

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When did you last update your HR portal? 

3 years ago? 5 years ago? Before the pandemic?

Even if your intranet is only 6 months old, have you evaluated how it supports your benefits initiatives? 

Here are 7 signs your intranet might need help! 

1. Your HR portal isn’t a comprehensive resource on company perks. 

Are benefits an afterthought in your HR portal, or does it function as a comprehensive benefits resource? 

Ideally, your site should contain content on (or links to) key benefits information. Below are some must-haves:  

2.Benefits information is outdated. 

If your HR portal has a wealth of benefits information, great job! Just make sure your content is still relevant. From new health plans to revised company policies, your intranet can become old or stale over time. 

Take stock of your resources, and note what needs refreshing. 

While some items, such as your benefits guide, will regularly change, there are ways to make other pieces more evergreen. For example, remove dates as much as possible (e.g., “your 2021 retirement plan”). And avoid unnecessary specifics that will eventually outdate your materials. For instance, don’t call out COVID-19 in the promotional video for your company gym; instead, mention your sanitization standards without referencing a particular virus. 

3. Important benefits content is difficult to find. 

Does it take 7 minutes of scouring your HR portal to locate the 401(k) policy that employees constantly ask about? Does your site lack an effective search feature?

While all content should be easily accessible, it’s especially important to showcase in-demand items and make retrieving them convenient. For example, if workers enjoy your retirement calculator, it deserves a place on the home page—not a spot toward the bottom of the tools page.  

If employees need to dig to find the resources they need, consider reworking your intranet and adding an advanced search feature.

4. Your intranet doesn’t address common employee questions.  

Just because you have extensive, fresh, easy-to-locate content doesn’t mean you’re meeting team members where they are. For instance, poorly written materials can undermine the plethora of information you’ve provided on your wellness programs. 

Here are some red flags that could indicate your site isn’t helping employees solve challenges… 

  • Workers are still calling and consulting your benefits team instead of the intranet. 
  • Your employees have difficulty with certain concepts, despite the resources in your portal. 
  • Your intranet pages have low web traffic. 

Tip: While receiving many calls and emails can indicate a problem, keep in mind that some individuals might feel too embarrassed to voice their questions. This potential situation should be an incentive to give your HR portal the attention it deserves! 

5. Your intranet seems to target benefits professionals. 

Place yourself in your employees’ shoes for a moment. Imagine that you’re a little confused about the difference between a PPO and an HMO or unsure about the advantages of opening an HSA.  

Now, visit your intranet. Does it make assumptions about how much employees understand? Does content sound as if it was copied and pasted from an insurance policy?

If your HR portal seems to speak to the HR department more than to the typical employee, you’ll want to implement a fix. 

6. Your HR portal loads slowly.  

Does your intranet seem to be powered by dial-up internet? 

Don’t underestimate the positive impact of quick, responsive webpages. Even with solid content, slow load times can hide the value of the site you’ve created. 

If browsing your HR portal takes too much time, an update might be needed. 

7. Employee feedback indicates it’s time for a change. 

Worker input can also help you determine if your HR portal needs improvement. If your team receives comments that express frustration or confusion, prioritize reworking your intranet.  

We recognize that every organizational culture is different. Perhaps your employees aren’t overly vocal about their opinions! If that’s the case, at your next benefits event, explain you need input, and ask your workforce to share honest critiques.    

Get direction for updating your HR portal. 

If you need to revisit your intranet, we have a resource to help you! 

Download Update Your HR Portal to Better Help Employees with Benefits

This recent publication covers a number of topics, such as content organization and employee personalization, and provides valuable advice for benefits professionals. 

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