By - December 12, 2018

Tango Health’s Top Content of 2018

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Before 2018 ends and you take some much-deserved time off to enjoy the holidays, we’d like to share our readers’ favorite picks. The top content includes a variety of topics covering benefits communications, benefits open enrollment, communicating about HSAs/FSAs, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We hope you find some inspiration as you head into the new year. Happy Holidays!

It’s always important to remember that communicating to employees about their benefits is a year-round exercise. And finding the right balance between being helpful and over-sharing is equally important. We’ve found trickling out benefits communications over time to be a successful strategy. Read more for tips on creating an effective communications strategy.

As you know, having a benefits communications plan is critical if you want to engage your employees and increase satisfaction. But even with a solid plan, you can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all strategy. Take a look at some interesting myths about Millennial, Gen X and Boomer communications.

You put a lot of time and energy into creating an impactful open enrollment program. But how do you know if employees received the support they needed? A well-done employee survey can help you understand what your employees really think of your benefits and communications and gauge the success of open enrollment. Find some new ideas and hacks on how to create a successful employee survey.

If you’re looking to educate your employees about their HSA or FSA, a short video can be a very helpful form of communication. We’ve found having optional short videos embedded in our benefits decision support tool provides the extra support some employees need.

We updated our comprehensive ACA guide to provide a foundation for understanding ACA compliance, ACA reporting requirements, and penalties. We’ll give you the basics and ideas as well.

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