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Benefitfocus acquires tango

Benefitfocus Acquires Tango Health

Save Time on ACA

Learn Our Best Practices for Saving Time on ACA Compliance

Right Employee Right Time Right Benefits

Reaching the Right Employees at the Right Time with the Right Benefits

Tango Solutions

ACA & Decision Support Solutions Overview

Timeline Top OE Priorities

Timeline to Communicate Your Top Open Enrollment Priorities


Decision Support: Engineering Company Successfully Delivered New HDHP

steps for successful roll out

Steps for a Successful Roll Out of Decision Assist Standard

Trigger Engagement

Find the Right Trigger to Drive More Engagement


Tango Health Expands Their Sales Team with Two New Hires

eBook-Remote Work Across Generations

How the Increase in Remote Work Impacts Employee Benefits and Different Generations

aspen case study

Decision Assist Standard Implemented at No Cost to Engage More Employees


SHRM Webinar: Preparing for This Year’s Open Enrollment & Critical Benefits Communications

ACAEmployerMandateCompliance overview

ACA Employer Mandate Compliance Overview

eBook-Hybrid Workforce

The Hybrid Workforce and Its Impact On Employee Benefits


HRCI Credit Webinar: Things You Can Do Now to Ensure a Smoother Benefits Year

8 tips to keep your benefits content fresh

8 Tips to Keep Your Benefits Content Fresh


Free Option for Benefits Decision Support

eBook-Update Your HR Portal

Update Your HR Portal to Better Help Employees with Benefits


How to Create Benefits Communications Your Employees Will Notice

short attn spans infographic

10 Communication Tips for Employees for Short Attention Spans

secrets benefits emails

Top 6 Secrets for Writing Benefits Emails

SHRM smoother benefits year

SHRM Webinar: Things You Can Do Now to Ensure a Smoother Benefits Year

When to Keep Your Old HSA and When to Roll it Over

When to Keep Your Old HSA and When to Roll it Over

SSM health decision support case study

Decision Support: New Tool Helps Thousands Choose Benefits

Tango Benefits Explorer Product Overview

spice up benefits education

Spice Up Your Benefits Education

2021 HRCI-How to Roll Out and Engage Employees With Benefits Programs

HRCI Credit: How to Roll Out and Engage Employees with Benefits Programs

State Individual Healthcare Mandates Quick Reference

Quick Reference for State Individual Healthcare Mandates

Top 6 Things to Know About HSAs

Top 6 Things Your Employees Should Know About HSAs

eBook-Compassionate HR

How to Bring the Compassionate Voice of HR Into Your Communications

Cheat Sheet Effective Email Subject Lines

Cheat Sheet: 10 Effective Email Subject Lines to Try for Open Enrollment

eBook-6 Vital ACA Questions

6 Vital ACA Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Vendor

2021 HRCI-Secrets for Engaging Virtual Open Enrollment

HRCI Credit: Secrets for an Engaging Virtual Open Enrollment

HSA Bank Provides Clarity Health Plan Selection

HSA Bank Provides Clarity in Health Plan Selection through Advanced Decision Support

5 Tips for Virtual OE Success

5 Tips for Virtual Benefits Open Enrollment Success

From Baby Boomers to GenZ

From Baby Boomers to Generation Z: How Generations View Money​

2021 HRCI Battle Low Employee Engagement

HRCI Credit: How to Battle Low Employee Benefits Engagement

eBook-Make Your Benefit Communications Stick

Make Your Benefits Communications Stick

2021 HRCI Proven Methodologies

HRCI Credit: Proven Methodologies to Drive Better Employee Benefits Decisions


Healthcare Literacy: 7 Real-Life Scenarios for Navigating Your Benefits Decisions

2021 HRCI-Tips to Raise Employee Healthcare HSA IQ

HRCI Credit: Tips to Raise Your Employees’ Healthcare & HSA IQ

eBook-Investing HSA Funds

What You Need to Know About Investing Your HSA Funds

Healthcare Literacy Facts

Healthcare Literacy Facts Infographic

What Employers Need to Know About State Mandates

What Employers Need to Know About State Individual Mandates


How to Create a Business Case for a New ACA Vendor


How to Create a Business Case for Benefits Decision Support


Healthcare Literacy: 6 Things You Need to Know About Using Your Medical Plan

Case Study-VIAVI

ACA: Overcoming Compliance Complexities

Case Study- Decision Support 170%Enrollment Goal

Decision Support: Achieved 170% of Enrollment Goal


Achieving Financial Wellness: 4 Steps for Improving Your Personal Finances & 401(k) Savings

Benefits communication open enrollment Timeline

Benefits Open Enrollment Communications Timeline

HR Tech Outlook

HR Tech Outlook: Top 10 Employee Benefits Solution Providers

Communicate Medical Plan Changes with Your Employees

6 Steps to Communicate Medical Plan Changes with Your Employees

benefits communications calendar

2021 Benefits Communications Calendar

aca Case Study-Accurately Files Data 35 Systems

ACA: Accurately Filed with Data from 35 Systems

CaseStudy- 220% Increase Decision Support Engagement

Decision Support: 220% Increase in Engagement


How to Increase HSA Engagement for 3 Employee Personas


Choosing a Decision Support Tool – 6 Vital Questions

226J ACA Penalty Trends to Avoid

7 226J ACA Penalty Trends You’ll Want to Avoid


What You Need to Know About Mergers & Acquisitions and the ACA


Healthcare Literacy: Saving Money on Healthcare Expenses

Future of ACA Compliance

The Future of ACA Compliance: Ownership Beyond HR

Why Opening HSA Must

Why Opening an HSA Is a Must for Your High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)


Infographic: HSA vs. FSA

Pharmacy Healthcare Literacy

Healthcare Literacy: Understanding Your Pharmacy Benefits

Healthcare Literacy- Choosing Between the ER and Urgent Care

Healthcare Literacy: Choosing Between the ER and Urgent Care


The Top 3 Things Missing from your HRIS and Payroll ACA Solutions


2022 Guide to Using Your HSA

ACA Penalties Letter 226J

ACA Penalties: What to Do When You Receive an IRS Letter 226J

Infographic- Future State of ACA Ownership

The Future State of ACA Ownership

10 Communication Hacks Infographic

10 Benefits Communications Hacks to Get (and Keep) your Employees’ Attention

Proven Wayts to Increase Engagement

Infographic: Proven Ways to Increase Engagement

Benefits Communications Across Generations

Benefits Communications Across Generations: 8 Surprising Stats

Trickling Out Benefits Communications

Trickling Out Benefits Communications

13 Secrets to Writing Benefits Emails

13 Secrets to Writing Engaging Benefits Emails

Uncovering Perks Data Driven Benefits Decision Support Tool

Uncovering the Perks of a Data-Driven Benefits Decision Support Tool

Definitive Guide to ACA Reporting

Definitive Guide to ACA Reporting

Tips to Stay on Track for IRS ACA Filing

Tips to Stay on Track for IRS ACA Filing

Truth About the ACA

The Truth About the ACA – Not Much Has Changed


Survey Hacks to Determine If Your Open Enrollment was a Success and Gain Insights

Communicating Benefits to Millennials

Communicating Benefits to Millennials

How to Write Benefits FAQs

How to Write Benefits FAQs That Truly Help Your Employees

ACA Compliance Vendor Checklist

ACA Compliance Vendor Checklist

four Myths About HSAs

Four Myths About HSAs

Effectiveness Benefits Decision Support Tools

Effectiveness of Benefits Decision Support Tools

Benefits Decision Support Software Basics

Benefits Decision Support Software Basics

Checklist-5 Signs Youre Satisfied with the Wrong Decision Support Software

Checklist: 5 Signs You’re Satisfied with the Wrong Decision Support Software


11 Tips to Create Engaging Benefits Communications

decision Support Software Vendor Checklist

Decision Support & Benefits Communication Vendor Checklist

Infographic-Benefits Communications Path to Change

The Benefits Communications Path to Change

Four Myths About HDHP

Four Myths About High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)

Communicating Change

Communicating Change: Preparing Employees for a New Health Plan

Hidden Benefits Data Driven Decision Support

Hidden Benefits of Data-Driven Decision Support

CIO Review

CIO Review: 20 Most Promising HR Technology Providers

Infographic-10 Reasons to Choose Benefits Coaches Over Call Centers

10 Reasons to Choose Benefits Coaches Over Call Centers

Top 12 Reasons Customers Love Our Decision Support Tool

The Top 12 Reasons Customers Love Our Decision Support Tool

ACA Data Quality Checklist

ACA Data Quality Checklist: Common Data Errors to Avoid

WageWorks Acquires Tango HSA Business

WageWorks Acquires Tango’s HSA Business

ACA Reporting Not DIY Project

ACA Reporting Is Not a DIY Project

-Tango Protects HR pros

Tango Delivers Clients On-Time ACA Filing for Second Consecutive Year

10 Tips for Successful OE

10 Tips for a Successful Open Enrollment

Does Your OE Process Short Change Employee Satisfaction

Does Your Open Enrollment Process Short-Change Employee Satisfaction?

Case Study-Helping Employees Make Better Health Plan Decisions

Decision Support: Helping Employees Make Better Health Plan Decisions

Tango Decision Assist Benefits Communications Overview

Tango Decision Assist Benefits Communications Overview

Quarterly ACA Checklist

Quarterly ACA Checklist

Make ACA Reporting Easier

Webinar: What to do Today to Make ACA Reporting Easier for Your Team

increase employee satisfaction scores

4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Employee Satisfaction Scores

Planning Guide Maximize HSA

A Planning Guide to Maximize Your Clients’ HSA-Eligible Plan Adoption

akin gump

Tango a ‘Partner’ to Law Firm Akin Gump on ACA Compliance

quiz measurement periods

Pop Quiz: Are You Handling Measurement Periods Correctly?


The Michaels Organization Selects Tango for ACA Reporting Solutions

ACA Info Reporting Deadlines

CEO Discusses 2017 ACA Information Reporting Deadlines

How To Guide-Appealing Exchange Subsidy Notice

How To Guide: Appealing an Exchange Subsidy Notice

IHC Radio

IHC Radio: Final Steps for ACA Compliance & Benchmarks

Tango Clients Cross ACA Finish Line

Tango Clients’ Meet IRS Reporting Deadline

Best Practices Driving Adoption Consumer Driven Health Plans

Best Practices Driving Adoption of Consumer-Directed Health Plans

Employers Guide Marketplace Exchange Subsidy Notices

An Employer’s Guide to Marketplace Exchange Subsidy Notices

hsa 101

Health Savings Account (HSA) 101

IHC Exec Interview Todd Praisner

IHC Executive Interviews Tango CEO, Todd Praisner

ACA Compliance IRS Reporting1094C1095C

ACA Compliance – IRS Reporting and Transmission for 1094-C and 1095-C Forms

Big Business Trying to Meet Another Big Obamacare IRS Deadline

Businesses Trying to Meet Another Big Obamacare and IRS Deadline

Things to Know About ACA Compliance

5 Things to Know About ACA Compliance Ahead of June 30 Deadline

CaseStudy ACA Banking Finance

ACA: Banking and Finance

Tango Guides Employers to Compliance with ACA Reporting Requirements

Tango Guides Employers to ACA Reporting Compliance

payroll processor

10 Things Your Payroll Processor Isn’t Telling You About the ACA

Definitive Guide Form 1095C

The Definitive Guide to Form 1095-C

aca Case Study-K-12

ACA: Doing the Math for K-12

aca Case Study State Local Govt

ACA: Compliance Issues for State and Local Government

Delivers Data 1095C Forms

Tango Delivers on Data for 1095-C Forms


Tango Partners With DLA Piper

Health Benefits Savings forCompany and Employee Alike

Health Benefit Savings for Company & Employee Alike

ACA Success Story-Payroll-ElMonte

ACA Success Story: Payroll & Benefits Supervisor, El Monte City School District

ACA Success Story-Sr Benefits Rep-Claremont

ACA Success Story: Senior Benefits Representative, Claremont University Consortium

ACA Success Story-Benefits Admin Director-Claremont

ACA Success Story: Benefits Administration Director, Claremont University Consortium

Helps Employers Meet 1095C Requirements

Tango Helps Employers Meet 1095-C Reporting Requirements

cadillac tax

Five Conversations You Should Be Having About the Cadillac Tax

Tango Gets IRS Certification to Take Part in ACA AIR Program

Tango Gets IRS Certification to Take Part in ACA AIR Program

Helping Brokers and Consultants Provide Clients with ACA Solutions

Helping Brokers & Consultants Provide Clients with ACA solutions


Synopsys Inc. Selects Tango for ACA Compliance

ACA Success Story-Manager Business Support Services-El Monte

ACA Success Story: Business Support Services Mgr., El Monte City School District

ihc radio

ACA Compliance & 2015 FORUM West

claremont university

Claremont University Consortium Chooses Tango for ACA Compliance

Case Study-Staffing Agencies

ACA: Staffing Agencies

Case Study Oil Gas

ACA: Oil and Gas Industry

Case Study-Manufacturing

ACA: Manufacturing Industry

Case Study Hospitality

ACA: Hospitality Industry

Case Study Higher Education

ACA: Higher Education

acA health care

ACA: Health Care

Supreme Court Ruling on King vs Burwell Means for ACA

What the Ruling on King vs Burwell Means for ACA Compliance

iRS Clarifies ACA Reporting

IRS Clarifies ACA Reporting Requirements