June 2019

Tango Health was selected as one of HR Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Employee Benefits Solution Providers for 2019. We are honored to receive this award and excited to share how our decision support software, Tango Decision Assist™, helps employees raise their healthcare IQ. 

Many employees don’t take the time to understand their benefits and passively enroll in their same health plan every year. With Tango Decision Assist™, employees receive a personalized recommendation based on their medical / pharmacy claims data so that they can make the best decision based on their needs. Employees can accept the recommenation or dive in to better understand the math behind the recommenation and full financial impact of each plan.  

Tango Decision Assist™ also provides additional insights to HR teams by integrating AI to predit how many employees will select the different health plans.

Read the full Tango Health Article featuring our CEO, Scott Van Horn.

You can find the full digitial magazine and list of solution providers here: HR Tech Outlook: June 2019 Edition. 

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