Tango Health Guides Employers to Compliance with Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting Requirements

AUSTIN, TX (May 11, 2016) – Today, Tango Health announced it has successfully assisted a significant number of employers with filing all required Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance documents to the Internal Revenue Service.

The submissions for clients through the IRS Affordable Care Act Information Returns (AIR) program were achieved well ahead of the June 30, 2016 deadline for Form 1094-C electronic filings.  Tango is one of a handful of IRS-approved vendors that are certified to use this highly technical filing program for the benefit of clients.

“Our team put forward a tremendous effort throughout the year to complete our AIR testing scenarios and to provide data quality assessments for all of our clients who leveraged our ACA Compliance Concierge Suite of software and services,” said Todd Praisner, CEO of Tango Health.  “Our goal for each client was to ensure that data errors were corrected prior to the IRS submittal.  This helped tremendously with timelines, because Tango did not experience any rejections by the IRS in the AIR program due to errors in client data.”

With the successful submission of ACA compliance documents prior to the IRS due date, Tango clients now are able to focus on compliance strategies for the 2016 tax year – when employers won’t have the benefit of filing deadline extensions that provided temporary relief to the demanding new reporting requirements.

“ACA compliance is an ongoing issue for larger employers, many of whose existing HR applications were not well equipped to handle the new data requirements,” Praisner said.

To find out more about the ACA Compliance Concierge Suite from Tango, please visit: https://www.tangohealth.com/services/aca-compliance.

About Tango Health

Tango Health provides software and services to help enterprises achieve, maintain and report on ACA compliance, as well as decision support tools to ensure that employees are choosing the most appropriate health coverage.

Tango delivers significant cost savings to employees and employers by combining a high-touch services approach with adaptable software that can accommodate any data source, and deep knowledge of both healthcare regulations and human behavior.

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