Tango Health Delivers Clients On-Time ACA Filing for Second Consecutive Year

Austin, Texas – March 31, 2017

Tango Health, a leading provider of software and services to solve HR challenges, today announced its second year of successful, on-time filing for 100% its ACA Compliance and Reporting customers. These filings furnish 1095-C forms for over 2.6 million individuals from hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and large public institutions.

As reported in November 2016, an Accenture analysis identified $31 billion exposure to employer mandate penalties in 2016. Tango’s 100% on-time filing completion helps mitigate risk to this exposure for all of its clients.

Employers across the U.S. continue to struggle with the ambiguous future and complexities of compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As of today, the ACA is the law of the land and requires strict adherence to all health care data reporting in the Act. Increasingly, companies and organizations are turning to outsourced solutions like Tango’s comprehensive ACA Compliance Reporting to help mitigate the burden and risk of managing this overwhelming challenge in-house.

“The recent political deliberations surrounding the ACA have significant repercussion on HR teams across the nation who are legally obligated to know and comply with the changing regulations and requirements,” said Todd Praisner, CEO of Tango. “As a result, many HR teams need a comprehensive outsource partner. Tango’s solution combines expert oversight and communication with powerful software that synthesizes all the data necessary to provide full visibility and control over ACA compliance throughout the year. This ensures that all deadlines are met and mitigates exposure to tax penalties and filing deadlines.”

Comprehensive ACA Compliance Outsourcing

Tango’s ACA Compliance management is a turn-key solution providing HR teams with real-time monitoring and reporting from a dedicated account manager who oversees the aggregation of data from multiple disparate sources. Tango’s meticulous ACA dashboard ensures that even the most complex employee populations and situations —like mergers and acquisitions—are traversed with the least amount of risk and financial exposure.

About Tango Health
Tango Health is an innovative software and services company exclusively focused on the complex challenges of employer-sponsored healthcare. Tango helps achieve, maintain and report on ACA compliance, as well as provide enterprises with personalized year-round Decision Assist programs that empower and guide employees in benefits plan selection and utilization.
Tango delivers significant cost savings to employees and employers by combining robust software and services and deep knowledge of healthcare regulations, HSA-eligible health plans and HSA account management. Tango is a fully out-sourced solutions provider, taking the burden off employers by becoming an extension of their HR and Benefits teams.

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