Tango Health Selected by Bob Jones University for ACA Compliance

Press Release – March 11, 2015, Austin, Texas

Tango Health announced today that they have been chosen by Bob Jones University, a Christian liberal arts university, to provide software and services to assist the university in complying with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

A private university based in Greenville, South Carolina, Bob Jones University has approximately 1,300 employees, and wanted to pro-actively address the requirements of the PPACA in order to comply with reporting regulations and minimize exposure to fines or fees.

Bob Jones University offers robust employee health benefits and with coverage that might be above the government-defined threshold of value the university could be exposed to “Cadillac Tax” fines. With a variety of employee types from student employees, adjunct professors, coaches, and faculty, the university also needed to validate which employees were considered full-time and eligible for coverage. Tango software and services will help the university gather employee data from HR and payroll software applications, evaluate eligibility and affordability, and address Cadillac Tax concerns.

“Our in-house systems for payroll and hourly tracking can’t provide the level of data we needed for Affordable Care Act requirements,” said Kevin Taylor, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bob Jones University. “Tango will help us coordinate the data, and their services provide the visibility we need for complex reporting requirements. We chose Tango because they can provide the expertise and hands-on service we need better than a software tool.”

Bob Jones University is one of Tango’s several higher education clients, and Tango CEO Todd Praisner sees PPACA Compliance as a particular issue for these organizations. “With the range of employee types, the disparate systems used for time-keeping and, payroll, and the complexities of grants and other university-specific roles, top universities are acknowledging that their HR teams are not equipped to handle the reporting requirements. Tango provides the services they need, as well as software that simplifies these very complex scenarios.”

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About Bob Jones University
Bob Jones University is a Christian liberal arts university focused on educating the whole person to reflect and serve Jesus Christ. Our greatest desire is that our students know God and reflect His character. At BJU we nurture our students’ spiritual growth and help them develop a comprehensively Christian worldview both inside and outside the classroom. We challenge our students to prepare thoroughly to serve Christ. As part of this preparation, we offer challenging academic programs that are infused with a biblical worldview and that nurture faith and teach life and job skills.
Through intentional heart-focused discipleship, BJU encourages each student to build faith, challenge potential and follow Christ. For more information, visit http://www.bju.edu/.

About Tango Health
Tango Health Benefits Optimization saves organizations money, makes employees happy, and ensures regulatory compliance with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Comparison tools help employees choose plans based on their needs, and provide savings for both the employee and the employer. Education keeps employees engaged, and Tango experts simplify and manage regulatory compliance to minimize risk.

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