Tango Health Selected by Sanders Lead for ACA Compliance

Press Release– Austin, February 24, 2015  Tango Health announced today that they have  been chosen to provide software and services for Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) compliance by Sanders Lead Company, Inc., a manufacturing and metal recycling company that includes multiple ancillary ventures.

The privately held company based in Troy, Alabama has approximately 2,200 employees and wanted to address the requirements of the PPACA in order to ensure that the combined organizations were in compliance with reporting regulations for health care benefits, including affordability and eligibility.

With a range of employee types across their company portfolio, tracking the health care benefits data needed to ensure compliance was definitely a challenge. Different payroll processes and tracking were in place for Sanders Lead office or manufacturing employees than for truck drivers for the company, who are paid by the mile rather than on a standard hourly basis. After evaluating various vendors, Sanders Lead chose Tango to provide a comprehensive level of Affordable Care Act compliance. “Tango’s ACA Compliance Concierge service will be vital to our organizations,” said Russ Cash, Sanders Lead’s MIS Director. “Our current payroll and HR systems give us some of the data we need, but we’re relying on Tango to help us make sense of the data and meet the requirements needed for IRS reporting.”

Sanders Lead joins other Tango clients in the manufacturing industry tasked with managing complicated, varied workforces who see PPACA compliance as a particular challenge. “With multiple organizations and a range of HR and payroll applications, making sense of the data can be very complicated,” said Tango CEO Todd Praisner. “Tango software and services provide solutions for these very complex scenarios, and our ACA Compliance Concierge service adds expertise and value that other vendors can’t match.”

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About the Sanders and KW Companies

Wiley Sanders began his trucking company in 1959 with one truck. Since then, Wiley Sanders Truck Lines has grown to become one of the nation’s leading common and contract motor carriers. But one thing has never changed: Wiley Sanders Truck Lines has never lost sight of the fact that service and performance are measured one load at a time. Operating in 48 states, Canada and Mexico, Sanders Truck Lines maintains mutually profitable relationships with hundreds of the nation’s most demanding shippers. Sanders’ reputation for reliability, on-time delivery and flexibility is attributed to its large, company owned fleet. For more about the Sanders and KW Companies, see the links below.






About Tango Health

Tango Health Benefits Optimization saves organizations money, makes employees happy, and ensures regulatory compliance with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Comparison tools help employees choose plans based on their needs, and provide savings for both the employee and the employer. Education keeps employees engaged, and Tango experts simplify and manage regulatory compliance to minimize risk.

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