ACA Compliance and Reporting Solution Overview

Year-round monitoring

The regulations and requirements for compliance with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (ACA) are complicated, and they will continue to change for the foreseeable future. Keeping up-to-date on the current reporting requirements may feel like an overwhelming task, and companies who need a trusted partner to navigate the changes can turn to Tango. Tango’s ACA Compliance Concierge Suite combines powerful technology with stellar services to simplify ACA compliance tracking and status for you. Our full-service team of compliance experts has the knowledge and tools necessary to provide your company with full visibility into and control over ACA reporting.


Tango’s solution provides HR teams with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboard for monitoring accessibility of benefits for eligible employees, tracking monthly activities such as offering or terminating benefits coverage, and forecasting resource trends and needs. And the Affordability Snapshot view shows currently calculated affordability for benefits-eligible employees. All allowable “safe harbor” calculations are built-in, as are analysis tools that determine your maximum monthly allowable premium along with the lowest hourly rate threshold to remain affordable.

The monthly Benefits Action Plan keeps you on track by outlining adds, drops, variable-hour employee eligibility, and COBRA responsibilities. The dashboards allow for a range of visibility across the company, including drill-down into designated subsidiaries or subgroups, and reports can be sent to payroll services or to COBRA administration to simplify compliance.

Tango’s scalability and breadth extends to expertise in Measurement and Stability Period analysis. From helping to determine best “look back” period lengths or tracking employees within all of your subsidiaries, Tango manages your complex landscape in easy-to-understand reports and charts.

Data quality is key to ACA success and Tango’s Data Quality Report review occurs with your ACA Concierge immediately after the first data feed, providing alerts on inaccurate data, poor processes in time and attendance systems, and missing information. Customized tolerances allow you to determine and adjust your own levels of risk on an ongoing basis.

In addition to purpose-built technology and dashboards, Tango also provides expertise with an ACA Concierge to proactively notify you about changes that might cause issues or to assist with questions regarding specific compliance situations.


The Affordable Care Act has resulted in a sweeping range of new rules and regulations that enterprises must comply with or face significant financial penalties.

• Must Offer Qualifying Plan to 70% (2015)/95% (2016) of “Full-Time” Workforce to Avoid IRS Penalties (79 FR 8543)

• Must Fairly Determine “Full-Time” Status (Internal Revenue Code § 4980H-3 and IRS Notice 2012-58)

• Must Offer “Affordable” Coverage to Avoid IRS Penalties (Internal Revenue Code § 36B(c)(2) (c)(i))

• Must Track Employee Health Benefit Status with Monthly Granularity and Report to Treasury Annually (by 1/31) (Internal Revenue Code § 6056)

• Must Respond in a Timely Fashion to IRS Penalty and Interest Notices (Internal Revenue Code § 6671 et.

• HHS Rulings and Clarifications Occur Often and Will Continue Tango solves ACA compliance challenges by providing expertise, visibility and control over your employees’ health benefits status.


Each enterprise has a different set of needs, so a compliance solution can’t be one-size-fits-all. Tango works with each organization to tailor a solution to meet the needs of that specific workforce, providing detailed services and reports, such as:

• Modeling and decision support to help HR departments test alternatives for eligibility thresholds

• Variable hour employee tracking and management

• Data anomaly analysis to ensure data is cleaned and monitored

• Health benefits budgets and targets down to the department levels

• Compliance testing on a subsidiary-by-subsidiary basis, including 100/50 FTE rule and 70%/95% rule and applicable safe affordability harbors

• Employee notifications of health benefit options

• Health exchange verification management

• IRS 6055 and 6056 reporting preparation and submittal

Tango’s solution offers a full audit trail, so that organizations can view ACA compliance status and employee benefits eligibility by employee at any point in the past — crucial when responding to IRS inquiries.


As complicated as it is, ACA compliance is only one of the challenges that today’s HR teams face. Tango’s Health Benefits Optimization® Suite includes ACA compliance and reporting as part of a larger solution that optimizes health benefits by getting employees into the right plan for them — while saving the organization money.

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