4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Employee Satisfaction Scores

increase employee satisfaction scores

Most employees dedicate 30 minutes or less to learn about their health benefit options. 98% of employees just renew the same benefit plan they selected the year before. Research indicates 80% of employees and their families are in plans that are not their best option.

Often, employees don’t understand the differences between medical plan options, which plan is best for them, or how to use their benefits. They don’t understand the value of the benefit plans. 

Well-informed employees make the best decisions and remain confident and happy with their choices. Educating employees is a year-round initiative that empowers them to make better decisions during open enrollment and year-round as they utilize their benefits. Employees who are happy with their health coverage are happy employees!

Watch to learn how to improve employee satisfaction scores by improving the education and individual support you provide about their benefits options.

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