Does Your Enrollment Process
Short-Change Employee Satisfaction?

Does Your OE Process Short Change Employee Satisfaction

HR and Benefits professionals invest huge amounts of time and energy into designing great benefits packages for employees. Sadly, most employees go through open enrollment in states of inertia or confusionUnderstandably, most organizations don’t have the bandwidth to provide personal decision support to each individual employee. This is where the new category of outsourced Decision Support Programs come in.

By outsourcing certain open-enrollment processes, you extend your team with powerful cloud-based software and highly trained experts who spend their entire year speaking one-on-one with employees making these exact decisions. In this webinar we explored the research and stats about what happens to employee engagement and satisfaction when employees choose health benefits with confidence instead of fear. We also provided a checklist with everything you need to consider before outsourcing.

Watch and learn:

· How outsourcing open enrollment empowers both HR and employees
· Best practices and what to consider before selecting an outsource partner
· A Fortune 500’s case study about outsourcing Open Enrollment with success

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