What to do Today to Make ACA Reporting Easier for Your Team

Recorded on: April 11, 2017

Make ACA Reporting Easier

As of today, the ACA is here to stay. Do you have the tools you need to ease the ACA reporting process for your team?

Scott Van Horn, President of Tango Health and ACA Compliance expert, and Gabrielle Thomas of Tango Health, have helped companies of all sizes and complexities ensure compliance with streamlined ACA reporting practices.

Learn ACA reporting best practices, which have become a lifeline for HR and Payroll teams.

Help your team prepare for 2017 ACA reporting with the latest insights and strategies, including:

– Up-to-the-minute review of ACA regulations
– What to expect between now and year’s end
– In-house processes to make the best use of your team’s time
– Common ACA reporting hurdles
– An easy way to accomplish year-round planning
– Strategies for overcoming common ACA reporting hurdles

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