ACA Penalties & What to Do
When You Receive an IRS Letter 226J

ACA Penalties Letter 226J

Have you received an IRS Letter 226J? Or do you want to be better prepared for an Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalty just in case?  

Now that the IRS has figured out how to calculate the Employer Shared Responsibility Payments (ESRP), applicable large employers (ALE) have started to see waves of ACA penalties from the 2015 tax filing year rolling in.

If you have received an IRS Letter or are concerned you may receive one, our white paper provides essential guidance such as:

  • Common ACA penalty terms and why they matter such as Section 4980H, ESRP penalty, response form 14674, and more.
  • An example letter
  • Instructions for how to respond with and without a full-service ACA vendor
  • What you should look for when validating the ESRP penalty amount
  • Checklist of what to include in your Form 14764 response
  • Guidance for how be prepared for an IRS penalty
  • What you should look for in a full-service ACA vendor 

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