The Definitive Guide to Form 1095-C

Everything You Need to Know to Gather the Right Data and Report It Correctly to the IRS

The Definitive Guide to Form 1095-C - Thumbnail

This guide is designed to demystify the requirements of Form 1095-C,  walk through a few examples and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

While ACA compliance presents many obstacles for organizations, one of its most important (and most complicated) elements is the 1095-C form.

This Employer-Provided Health Insurance Coverage form must be distributed to all employees who were offered affordable health coverage — and the penalties for incorrect filing are severe. For an HR professional or benefits consultant, there’s no room for guessing – especially when it comes to more murky situations.

The only way to truly protect your organization from potential IRS audits is through accurate and thorough documentation and calculation practices. This white paper is intended to help you get started on the right track.

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