ACA Compliance and Reporting Solution

See why we are the most trusted ACA compliance solution

Tango Health’s ACA compliance solution enables our clients to achieve a higher standard of accuracy with robust ACA software and completely outsourced ACA reporting services. We make it easy to switch to our full-service ACA solution and have experience integrating with over 100 systems. Companies that employ complex employee groups, maintain different ACA data sources, and engage in mergers and acquisitions trust Tango for their ACA compliance monitoring, 1095-C distribution and IRS filings year-after-year.

Our goals are to make ACA compliance easier for employers and reduce their exposure to costly ACA penalties by catching potential risks early. We don’t just equip our customers with ACA software, we manage ACA compliance for them.

Powerful ACA Software

Higher Standard of Accuracy

ACA software and experts pull and clean your data every month for more comprehensive and accurate ACA reporting.

Comprehensive ACA Dashboard

Comprehensive Reporting

ACA dashboards help you easily track and review all your ACA data in one place.

Dedicated Client Manager

Designated Client Manager

Your expert keeps you up-to-date on potential compliance issues and the latest ACA regulations (including state individual mandates)

IRS ACA Reporting and Filing

ACA Printing, Filing & Notices

Tango Health manages your ACA compliance including expedited letter 226J assistance, at no extra cost.

ACA Quarterly Checklist
Quarterly ACA Checklist

How we're different

Having accurate results makes all the difference with ACA compliance. Other ACA vendors, like HRIS and payroll providers, offer incomplete ACA solutions. They only look at some of the ACA data ‒ not the full picture needed for accurate ACA compliance. Our Tango Health ACA solution combines our ACA compliance software and expert ACA services to turn your payroll and benefits information into ACA-ready data from the start. And we continue to pull, clean and analyze your data monthly so that we can identify any potential issues early.                  

Here’s what makes our ACA compliance solution better: 

    1. Proven ACA vendor gives you peace of mind. Tango Health has filed on time for our clients every year since the ACA was law. We received an NPS score of Excellent and are trusted by are clients including some of the largest healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, defense contractors, government and higher education organizations in the U.S.
    2. Easy to switch from your current provider. We are experienced mapping data feeds to our ACA software so there’s no downtime and minimal effort from you.
    3. Experience helping with systems chaos. Most Tango clients have multiple systems tracking key data needed for ACA reporting. We untangle the mess for you and bring the data together for a full and accurate picture of your ACA reporting.
    4. Higher standard of accuracy mitigates your risk.  Our data scientists and robust software clean up all your data so it’s ready for accurate ACA reporting.  with stringent processes as well as SOC1 & SOC2 Type II and SOC 3 Certifications.
    5. Year-round expert guidance keeps you on track. Your designated Client Manager helps you to manage ACA reporting requirements with data audits and alerts; report analysis, printing of 1095-C forms, filing 1094-C forms with the IRS and ACA news and updates. Our experts help you with the basics of ACA. We were the first vendor to notify clients and prospects about the upcoming state-level individual mandate reporting.
    6. Expedited ACA penalty assistance is included. With our help, you’re able to efficiently respond to ACA penalty notices or subsidy notifications from Healthcare Marketplaces. We’ve helped our clients reduce their risk by 89%–saving them millions of dollars.
    7. Mergers and Acquisitions are our specialty. ACA is unforgiving when it comes to mergers and acquisitions; we do them the right way, every time and help ensure your acquired entities meet the rigor of ACA from day one.
    8. Complex employee groups are made easy with Tango. Tracking some employees is more challenging than others. Whether variable hour employees, those that come and go throughout the year, seasonal employees, interns, or unions, our reporting keeps you compliant.
    9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically detects potential data issues. Our software streamlines the ACA process with automatic reviews of the 1095-C code combination and alerts when there are data issues or files are ready to be submitted to the IRS.
    10. Expert ACA call center extends your team. Our ACA call center experts are located in Austin, TX and help answer common employee questions such as “What is a 1095-C form and what do I need to do with it?”
    11. Data Security is our top priority. We strive to keep your data with stringent processes as well as SOC1 & SOC2 Type II and SOC 3 Certifications.
    12. Lookback measurement period results in more accurate data tracking. We use the Lookback Measurement Period for ACA data tracking rather than the Monthly Measurement Period.  The Lookback Measurement Period approach utilizes multi-level statistical analysis for employee’s work hours and provides you with advanced warning to take action should coverage need to be added, ultimately limiting your risk for ACA penalties.
    13. State individual mandates. With some states passing their own individual mandates, it makes it difficult for companies to keep up with all the different regulations and reporting requirements. To learn more about state individual mandates, check out our guide.
Aggregate ACA Data

Aggregate data

Compile relevant ACA data from various sources

ACA Data Cleanup

Clean up data

Identify missing data, errors, formatting issues & more

ACA Data Calculations

Calculations & results

Determine employee eligibility & affordability

ACA Data and Dashboard

Data & dashboard

Monitor exposure to penalties & provide access to data

IRS ACA Reporting and Filing

Reporting & filing

Prepare, print, mail and submit 1095-C & 1094-C forms to the IRS

ACA Audit Assistance

Audit assistance

Manage marketplace subsidy appeals, audits and penalty notices.

ACA Compliance Vendor Checklist
ACA Compliance Vendor Checklist

Some challenges our ACA solution helps to solve

Customer results and kind words


Successfully filed on-time for 100% of our ACA Compliance and Reporting customers for three consecutive years


Approximately 1% of the US workforce receives a form from Tango


We've worked with hundreds of companies including Fortune 500, large public institutions and medium sized corporations

“We have been impressed by the technical expertise of the Tango team, their knowledge of our particular employee population and their sophisticated enterprise solution for handling compliance data. Tango has become more than just a vendor; they are a partner in our compliance endeavors.”

Kimm Merkel, Director of Health Benefits Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

“My contact is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  I am grateful to have such a wonderful Client Manager, who goes above and beyond and makes a complicated process seem easy”

2018 Tango Health Client Satisfaction Survey Response

“Tango has been great in handling the complexity… I don’t think multiple-employer is new, it’s just the complexity that comes along with that in a higher education environment. I think they’ve done a great job. I would definitely recommend Tango to others. I think their sales staff and their implementation staff have been very supportive and they’re very knowledgeable and I think they would be a great asset to any company.”

Carol Saldivar, Benefits Administration Director, Claremont University Consortium

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