Decision Support & Benefits Communications

Helping you achieve your open enrollment goals

Employees are more satisfied when they understand their benefits and receive the guidance and decision validation they need during open enrollment and throughout the year.1

We extend your team to help you achieve your goals whether you are looking to increase employee satisfaction and retention, empower your employees to choose the best health plan for their needs, or successfully introduce a new health plan. We are not a benefits enrollment platform but can seamlessly integrate with yours.

Common goals

Goal 1

Introduce new health plan or increase plan adoption

Goal 2

Guide employees to select best plan for their needs

Goal 3

Help control healthcare costs with HSA-eligible plan education

Goal 4

Engage employees with their benefits

Goal 5

Increase employee satisfaction with benefits and company

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How we're different

  1. Comprehensive, year-round program—support for you and your employee throughout the year with our powerful decision support tool, expert coaches, and benefits education & communications
  2. Personalized decision support tool—interactive and easy-to-use, customized to your corporate brand, transparent display of costs and free of distraction 
  3. Detailed claims data—integrates detailed, prior-year individual claims and “people like me” data to inform employee estimates
  4. Client-branded communications—customized education year-round for different learning styles and company personas
  5. Standalone solution—seamlessly integrates with your benefits platform so employees just need to make their selection once
  6. Decision Assist Coaches—offer expert phone support throughout the year, are HIPAA-certified and have years of experience communicating 1:1 with employees 
  7. Open-enrollment meeting facilitation—our coaches can provide engaging presentations to your employees to help increase participation  Learn More about Tango Decision Assist Tool and Coaches

How it works

Decision Assist Tool

Decision support tool

Employees use the tool to determine the best plan for their needs looking at prior year claims as a baseline.

Tango Decision Assist Coaches

Decision Assist Coaches

Employees validate their plan selection with their coaches and ask them questions throughout the year on how best to use their benefits.

Customized benefits communications

Benefits communications

Employees receive consistent communications year-round to help them better choose and use their benefits.

Some challenges our solution solves

Customer results & kind words

Increased Adoption

by 225%

of HSA-eligible plans in just two years with personalized guidance

Employees Saved

avg. of $1226

by selecting the best plan for their needs

Company Saved

$35M in one year

by providing personalized decision support to employees

“We needed more resources and a better way to educate our diverse workforce to understand the benefits of HSA-eligible plans. Tango’s program helped us make exponential improvements in HSA-eligible plan adoption. I wish everything was this simple and effective.”

VP, Fortune 500 Company

“We needed a better way to interact with employees and educate them on the value and benefits of the plan. With Tango, we were able to reach our diverse workforce and delivery a powerful, easy-to-use program. They helped us make an exponential improvement over the previous year.”

SVP, Financial Services Company

Resources: Decision Support & Benefits Communications

1Glass Door Research Survey, Benefits Drive Satisfaction, June 2016.