Benefits Open Enrollment

Benefits open enrollment is an important time of year. It’s when employers highlight all their great benefits and when employees select their benefits for the upcoming year. But how can you help employees really understand the value of the benefits you offer and make the best decisions?

A successful benefits open enrollment starts a year ahead of time. It includes a post mortem review of the previous open enrollment, strategies for communicating to your different employee personas, a monthly calendar to educate employees on terms and their benefits, reinforcing open enrollment dates and resources, and time to measure results after open enrollment.

Virtual Open Enrollment

Now more than ever, it is important to prepare for a virtual benefits open enrollment experience that’s personalized and on-demand. Check out our tips on planning, what to include, tools to help engage employees, how to leverage vendors, and strategies to use for attaining & measuring success. 

Benefits Open Enrollment Resources

Feel free to print these handy resources and hang in an easy to see spot so you can continuously reference them.

Benefits Communication

One part of your overall open enrollment plan is developing strategies to reach your diverse employee population. Look for best practices and tips to engage your employees in the following resources.

Best Practices

Communicating Across Generations

Email Hacks and Communication Tips

Benefits Education

Retention is critical, especially in this tight job market. When employees understand their benefits they appreciate them more and are more likely to stay with their company. Benefits education needs to be year-round so employees receive tips on how to get the most out of their benefits and how to wisely choose their benefits during open enrollment. Review our healthcare literacy guides and HSA content for education ideas.

Healthcare Literacy


Check out a sampling of our HSA resources below. Also, find more HSA resources at our HSA Communications page.

Drive Engagement with Open Enrollment Tools

Tools can help streamline benefits open enrollment and engage and guide employees to make better decisions. They can include benefits decision support, FAQs, enterprise social media, provider directories, and more. To ensure employees are leveraging these tools, be sure you promote them. A microsite can be helpful to highlight all tools and resources. See tips and ideas to engage your employees.

Measure Open Enrollment Success

Employee surveys are one of the best ways to get feedback on open enrollment. What did employees like and what feedback do they have for improvements. You can also get valuable analytics from your enrollment numbers and a data driven decision support tool. You can answer questions like who used the tool and enrolled in the recommended plan or what was the tipping point for cost savings that would make an employee switch plans. Read the following resources to learn more about using open enrollment analytics to measure success.