Benefits Engagement Platform

Intelligent, proactive and personal employee engagement

Effective and efficient use of healthcare in America is a complex topic. Leading organizations are providing new benefits in the form of services to their employees to help them navigate this complexity. Education alone is not enough.

Whether implementing a new condition management program, such as for obesity or diabetes, or a referral program, such as second opinion counseling or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) review, we can help engage your employees with the right program.

Challenges of Multiple Benefits Programs
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How we're different

Our Tango Benefits Engagement Platform and Service helps more employees engage with your organization’s strategic benefits programs and vendors.

  1. Comprehensive Solution: Our platform supports employees throughout their benefits experience –  from helping them find and understand their benefits, to selecting the right benefits, and then using and getting the most out of them.
  2. Proactive Engagement: The Tango approach emphasizes proactively engaging employees with the right programs at the right time. We use big data and artificial intelligence (AI) combined with expert assistance to know when to offer up programs through responsive and helpful employee interactions.
  3. Platform-Neutral: Tango Benefits Engagement works with the benefits you already have in place. We can easily integrate with your current Benefits Administration platforms or HR intranet sites.

How it works

Find and understand

  • Multi-format communications
  • Tango Pre-Check based on claims
  • Benefits program navigation


  • Benefits decision support based on claims data

Use and optimize

  • Proactive healthcare tips based on services
  • EOB management

Finding and Understanding Benefits Programs

The Tango Benefits Engagement Platform makes it easy for employees to use, find, and understand the landscape of benefits vendors, programs, websites, and phone numbers you have provided. This engagement is essential when employees are seeking care, so they achieve optimal outcomes and your organization manages costs better. This is delivered in the form of a complete service that offloads the fielding of employee calls from HR personnel.

  • Benefits Communications: Tango helps employees better understand their benefits with innovative communications. These include videos, graphics, eBooks and short descriptions. We use a variety of content formats to reach different learning styles including email, SMS, intranet, physical mailers, and posters.
  • Decision Assist Pre-Check: Our software takes past claims history and recommends a plan for employees at the beginning of open enrollment. This helps increase engagement and active enrollment.
  • Intelligent Chatbot: We use a chatbot to quickly educate and guide employees to the right benefits program for their situation. This helps extend your HR team and provides an interactive experience for employees to explore which benefits programs might be beneficial for them. It’s easy to integrate the chatbot on existing intranet benefit sites, HRIS systems, or decision support software.
  • Tango Agents: If an employee’s questions cannot be answered by the bot, then our real-life Tango Health Agents step in to help.  Our agents are HIPAA-certified, US-based advocates who are experts in your portfolio of programs and benefits. Employees engage them through a direct phone call or are handed off by the chatbot, and they connect employees to your strategic programs based on immediate needs.

Selecting the Right Benefits

  • Decision Support Software: Tango Decision Assist™ uses claims to quickly provide personalized recommendations to help employees select the right benefits for their needs.  It combines transparent financial calculations with education and only takes a few minutes. Tango Decision Assist has been proven to increase HSA/FSA engagement.

Use and Optimize

  • Personalized Tips: Our software provides proactive, personalized tips based on the analysis of claims and other data. The tips also direct employees to the right benefits program for their immediate needs. This guidance comes in the form of segmenting employee populations for more targeted educational content, or opt-in for hyper-personalized tips. We also include cost saving advice.
  • Explanation of Benefits Management: Tango also assists employees in proactively mitigating expensive mistakes on Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) through active review of submitted EOBs, and negotiating between insurers and providers for the best outcome for the employee.

Some challenges our solution solves

Customer results & kind words

Increased Engagement

by 220%

of HSA-eligible plans in just two years with personalized guidance

Employees Saved

avg. of $1226

by selecting the best plan for their needs

Company Saved

$35M in one year

by providing personalized decision support to employees

“We engaged Tango because our engagement rates were not as high as we would like them to be. It’s critical that we address our medical trend with these programs and without Tango we’d still see minimal usage. Tango’s engagement program helped us increase enrollment exponentially in our targeted care programs and our employees love the service they receive.”

VP, Fortune 500 Company

“We’ve used Tango’s Decision Assist for several years and it always helps employees pick the right plans. When we expanded to use the other features, they were a perfect complement to not only helping them enroll in the best plans but also how to use them.”

SVP, Financial Services Company

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