Benefits Decision Support

Empower employees to select the best plan

Our Tango Decision Assist TM  Benefits Communication Platform combines decision support software and multi-media educational resources to help you meet your goals. Whether you are looking to empower employees to select the best plan for their needs or improve your employees’ understanding of how to choose and use their benefits, Tango Health can help. 

Choosing a Decision Support Tool: 6 Vital Questions

How we're different

Data-driven benefits decision support tool

  • Personalized with claims data for a more accurate healthcare cost estimate using individual claims or aggregated “people like me” claims. 
  • Quick plan recommendation in approximately 3 minutes.
  • Engaging videos and education throughout the tool for employees who need extra guidance.
  • Interactive and transparent so employees can easily run different healthcare spending scenarios, edit specific services and see the immediate cost impact.
  • Easy-to-use and understand with clean navigation, simple visuals and everyday language.
  • Proven success helping employees select the best plan for their needs.
  • Accessible 24×7 on computers and mobile devices so results can be shared with families.
  • Simple implementationthe bulk of the work is done by Tango Health.
  • Tango PreCheck™ with Artificial Intelligence (AI) dynamically updates cost estimates and plan recommendations as employees have new claims. Also, HR can quickly see the frequency that each plan would be recommended and tweak their design as needed. 

Education resources

  • Short how-to videos capture employees attention without distracting .
  • Multi-media resources provide extra support to help employees better understand and use their benefits.  
  • Open enrollment guidance includes documents to help HR teams effectively communicate benefits.

Additional support

Need to extend your HR team to give your employees the guidance they need? You can provide even more support to your employees with our Decision Assist Coaches. They become experts on your benefits and can answer questions on the phone, chat or even help with open enrollment presentations.  Learn More about Our Complete Benefits Communication Solution.

How it works

Five steps to help your employees select the best health plan for their needs.

About Me

1. Tell us a little about yourself to help us estimate your costs.

Cost Estimates

2. Evaluate your cost estimate based on claims data and edit expected services if needed.

Plan Guidance

3. See personalized recommendation and compare plans.

Employee Engaged with Benefits


4. Validate your plan selection with your family and a Decision Assist Coach if available.

Enroll with benefits platform


5. Click on the link to your benefits platform and enroll.

Evaluate Decision Support & Benefits Education Vendors

Some challenges our solution solves

Customer results & kind words

Increased Adoption

by 225%

of HSA-eligible plans in just two years with personalized guidance

Employees Saved

avg. of $1226

by selecting the best plan for their needs

Company Saved

$35M in one year

by providing personalized decision support to employees

“We needed more resources and a better way to educate our diverse workforce to understand the benefits of HSA-eligible plans. Tango’s program helped us make exponential improvements in HSA-eligible plan adoption. I wish everything was this simple and effective.”

VP, Fortune 500 Company

“We needed a better way to interact with employees and educate them on the value and benefits of the plan. With Tango, we were able to reach our diverse workforce and deliver a powerful, easy-to-use program. They helped us make an exponential improvement over the previous year.”

SVP, Financial Services Company

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