HSA Solutions & Tools

Changes in Tango Health's Health Savings Account (HSA) Administration

Eight years ago, Tango Health started as an innovative software company that built a best-in-class Health Savings Account (HSA) administration platform.  We were the first to obtain a patent for our platform’s innovative features.   

Our company continues to evolve. One of the leading HSA administrators has purchased our HSA business and will continue to service our tens of thousands of happy customers. This will help us increase our focus on our core Decision Support, Benefits Communications and ACA Compliance solutions while knowing that our former HSA customers are still well supported.

Thank you to all our HSA customers for your support during this transition! We will miss you but hope to work together on other solutions offering the same level of exceptional client service and innovative technology.

If you need help finding an HSA Administrator or would like to explore a partnership with Tango Health, please let us know at partners@tangohealth.com. We partner with top HSA Administrators to help their clients’ employees better understand their choice of plans and select the best one with decision support and benefits communications.