Virtual Open enrollment

Helping your remote employees

The abrupt shift toward working from home prompted by COVID-19 safety measures will have a lasting impact on open enrollment. Traditional methods like on-site benefit fairs, posters, in-person meetings, and even word of mouth have been eliminated as options for many organizations.  Access to generic educational content alone will not be enough to ensure widespread and informed participation. A new set of best practices around proactive, personalized remote and digital engagement is emerging, and Tango Health can help you implement them.

A successful virtual open enrollment program should include the following elements:


Personalized decision support and educational tools


On-demand access to HR expertise


A quality virtual benefits fair


Proactive targeted communications

Evaluate Decision Support & Benefits Education Vendors

How We're Different

Tango’s Virtual Open Enrollment solution helps you engage more employees with their benefits even when they aren’t physically at the office.

  • Complete support: From creating an open enrollment strategy to executing a virtual benefits fair, our team will extend yours.
  • Personalized solution: With claims data, decision support and benefits engagement technology, we are able to personalize the benefits experience for employees.
  • Proven experience: We’ve been successfully helping with virtual open enrollment engagement since 2014.

How it works

The Tango Virtual Benefits Open Enrollment Program delivers a best-in-class benefits experience with capabilities around each of these critical elements. 

Personalized Decision Support and Educational Tools

Tango Decision Assist™

Tango’s decision support tool quickly provides a personalized recommendation using claims data (“people like me” or an employee’s own records) so employees can make the best health plan decision for their needs. Employees receive an accurate recommendation in as little as three minutes. For those that want to dig into the details, they can see the transparent math behind a recommendation and easily run multiple spending scenarios. With Tango Pre-Check, a plan recommendation is made right from the start based on prior healthcare spending. 

Tango Benefits Center™

Provide access to a wide array of benefits-related how-to videos and multimedia resources on common topics, or include your own materials.

Tango Virtual OE Hub™

This is a one-stop for all your virtual open enrollment activities such as a welcome video from senior leadership, links to register for the Virtual Benefits Fair, intelligent chatbot, and a calendar to schedule time with an HR expert.

On-Demand Access to HR Expertise

Tango Chatbot

Tango’s Intelligent Chatbot streamlines and simplifies getting questions answered, improves experiences, reduces calls to HR personnel, and ensures that employees are connected with the right people when needed. Tango Chatbots:

  • use custom rule sets and content to ensure a successful efficient experience.
  • maintain HR’s compassionate tone.
  • transition to either your designated benefits professionals or a Tango Benefit Agent.

HR Calendaring for Video Meetings

Face-to-face meetings are still important even when dropping by the office is not an option. We can help you implement a scheduling tool to make it easy for employees to book a 1:1 video meeting with a benefits expert. Video 1:1 with an HR expert accessibility is essential. 

Tango Benefit Agents

During open enrollment, benefits professionals can be overwhelmed managing all the moving parts and answering individual questions, even under the best of circumstances.  With everyone working from home and operating within a new process, the challenges now can be much greater. Tango Benefit Agents can help carry the load by fielding calls and fulfilling video meeting requests. Tango Benefit Agents:

  • are experts in your specific populations and benefit offerings.
  • can be immediately accessible via call or video meeting.
  • live in the U.S. and are HIPAA certified.
  • know who to contact when specialized circumstances requiring in-house HR arise.

Virtual Benefits Fair

Your vendors are as eager as ever to help educate and promote your benefits. Tango enables this by planning and hosting a Virtual Benefits Fair including their representatives. Your virtual benefits fair can be an enjoyable and informative remote event. With our program you can:

  • get the word out via multi-channel communications and the distribution of invitations or gifts promoting the event.
  • track attendance.
  • present an intuitive menu with access to different on-demand or scheduled to begin options.
  • host content for on-demand video and multimedia resources provided by you, your vendors or Tango.
  • hold live “breakout” webinars including Q&A.
  • manage 1:1 video connections to vendor, HR or Tango experts.

Proactive Targeted Communications

Tango offers content tailored to your employee segments based on our historical claims analysis. This allows the most relevant benefits and programs to be featured for different groups on the Benefits Center.

The Tango Virtual Benefits Open Enrollment Program gives you a complete solution to successfully engage your employees with understanding and selecting their benefits during open enrollment.

Some challenges our solution solves

Helping customers with open enrollment since 2014