Switching ACA Vendors to Tango is Easy

Easy to Switch ACA Vendor to Tango

Now that millions of dollars of IRS penalties are at stake, organizations are making the switch to accurate, full-service ACA vendors.   

Why leave your ACA vendor for Tango Health

One of the top reasons to consider a switch is ACA penalties are real. You want to ensure your vendor is delivering accurate ACA filings and representing your compliance efforts accurately to the IRS. Why you should consider switching to Tango:

  • Easy to switch—join companies who are leaving their subpar vendors with our easy path for onboarding to Tango without delays to your ongoing compliance obligations. We even accept competitor data feeds or raw data from your source systems.
  • ACA penalty risk—we have helped our customers reduce their penalty risk by 89%–saving them millions of dollars. Unlike others, Tango includes expedited penalty response management with our ACA compliance solution. Also, if a penalty letter is lost in your organization, Tango can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.
  • Comprehensive solution—we manage ACA compliance, so you don’t have to. Our Client Managers call out potential risks monthly, keep you on track for printing forms and filing with the IRS, and help resolve issues, including ACA penalties.
  • Higher standard of accuracy—our data scientists pull in data from your different sources and help you clean it so it’s ACA ready.
  • Proven solution—Tango has filed on time for 100% of our customers every year since the ACA became law. Tango is trusted by some of the largest, most compliant organizations in industries such as hospital systems, defense contractors, major universities, manufacturers, financial services, and state governments.
  • Secure—we keep your data secure with SOC1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, and SOC 3 certifications.

How Tango makes switching ACA vendors easy

When you work with an experienced, standalone ACA compliance provider like Tango Health, switching can be easy. We are service-focused and integrate with many different formats. This means you don’t have to re-implement an ACA solution when you switch to Tango Health. Here are other ways we make switching ACA compliance providers easy: 

  • No new implementation: we accept the data in the format you have it in.  We can quickly migrate ACA data from your original source system such as: Equifax, HealthEfx, ADP, and Workday. Our clients also tell us our file specifications are also easy to use.
  • Data quality assessment: you can quickly see your penalty risk immediately after your data is uploaded to Tango. Ongoing, we help you monitor accuracy by constantly reviewing your data.
  • Full-service support: your Tango Health team stays with you from the transition and throughout your contract. The team includes an Implementation Manager, Client Manager and Data Wrangler (scientist).
  • Compare your ACA risk: our experts can pull in your existing data and compare it to our cleaned-up version and demonstrate how Tango is able to lower your risk.

If you’re a complex and/or large organization and want to learn more about how we achieve a higher standard of ACA reporting accuracy for our clients, please contact us.